Monday, January 21, 2013

Stay tuned

Finalesque version of chapter 57 (now with logical page numbering!) and draft of chapter 58 coming this weekend. If all goes well. Haven't actually started working on it yet. Spot the problem(s) with that plan. Well, 頑張るぞ~!

If anyone feels like encouraging me, show me some HxB fanworks! Fanfiction, fanart, replicas of famous landmarks made out of copies of the HxB omnibuses... Whatever. Be warned that I've already seen everything on Pixiv, so no trying to pass those off as your own. I want to see *your* stuff, international HxB fans!

Reminder: Don't post draft chapters to sketchy manga reading sites, or I'll sit on chapters for even longer than I already do.

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  1. I just wanted to sat "Thank You Very Much!" for all your hard work. Thanks for keeping HxB alive!