Sunday, January 27, 2013

A release and a request

Here's the preview version of chapter 58 . Preview. Draft. Temporary. Has no proper notes. Etc. Have fun.

Regarding releases that are less sketchy... SlapSlash is in need of a logo. As you all know, SlapSlash's proprietor is...unskilled at graphics. If any of those reading this post would care to submit a logo, that would be most appreciated. Official releases will commence once a decent logo is on hand.


  1. Thank you so much for your translations :3

  2. Thanks a bunch! I don't care if has little to no notes, just having some of it in English is great!

  3. Thanks. I always greatly enjoy reading your scanlations, even if they're only drafts, they're still good quality. :)

  4. Thanks for your Work !!! that's great :)

    I read the post and i see you need a Logo, can you give me more information on that request ? (color, Style, maybe some idea ?)

    Sorry for my 'english', this isn't my language >_<

  5. I'd be happy to make you one. Hell, I threw up these in like 5 mins, so if you'd tell me what you'd like, I'd be able to come up with something I'm sure.

    I was just using simple text with a black background, since it sorta goes with this minimalist theme, but I did this as well:

    So you have an idea of what I can do. I dunno if you want to use any HayateXBlade images, but I could incorporate them cleanly. I think the cats would be cute in a logo, anyway.

    Anyway, reply on here if you're interested and I'll give you my email address. Thanks for the translations btw. I was SO bummed when Seven Seas dropped this series.

  6. hello again ^^
    I made two drawings, they are on my profil (Kamy D), i will do more if i have time.

    I think, the idea to do the logo with the kittens, is realy cool !
    maybe we can make some drawings and Kaichō (slapslash) chosen ...

  7. I have some kill time so I did this...

    Ps: thx for the translations^^

  8. thanks a lot man! wow can't believe no one else is taking this awesome manga :(! I can't even read a single kanji so raws are not the answer...

  9. I had lost all hope to see the continuation of HxB's translation many months ago and I didn't even know it resumed here! It's like late christmas (or very early.)

    Good job! Please continue!

    Also I hacked a logo together : (the backgound is transparent). I know my photoshop, but I have no idea what making a logo entails, so...

    Also if you're still looking for fanart, I made this quite some time ago:

  10. I'm not particuarly skilled with graphics either, but as a thanks for translating my favorite manga I made this simple logo :3 - K.G.

  11. Hey guys,

    Thanks for submitting all these freaking logos! I intend to use *all* of them, if there are no objections.

    Kamy D and Kaidian/Unknown, since the two of you posted yours first, I'm using them for the next two final releases (if you're cool with that). Could you guys pls let me know if you're ok with me using the logos you posted as is, or if you want to mess with them first?

    Also, soumakyo, that fanart is badass.

  12. i'm ok with your idea ! you can used them for the next releases :)