Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meanwhile in my inbox

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that many logo submissions! Thanks, guys! So, the best idea here, IMO, would be if everybody's logos get used. I'm going to go down the comments on the previous post and grab the next unused logo for each chapter release. Apparently Kamy D and Kaidian's logos would be first up for the proper release of the two draft chapters that are floating around. If you guys want to mess with the logos you've already demoed before I use them, that's fine. HOWEVER! This is SlapSlash, and logos dashed off really fast match the theme. So don't stress over it.

General status update: If all goes well, the final releases w/notes of chapters 56 and 57 will be out by next weekend. Planning to polish off the draft version of chapter 58 within the next week or two. Planning. We'll see about that.

EDIT (3/13/13): Stuff got busy; drafts are getting upgraded next weekend. Please remain calm.

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