Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Release: Volume 10, Chapter 56

Chapter 56 is now available!

32 pages of idiocy!

No notes atm because I am posting while tired, per usual.


  1. Yesss, Finally you have a blog, when you get enough rest, you need to put some gadgets to this, for example, "bloggers follower" xD. I want to affiliate to you but you need this piecess first.

    Well this is awesome, congratulations, and thank you so much for the new chapter :D

  2. I noticed that starting with chapter 55 you removed the note forbidding upload to manga readers; can I upload them to Batoto? And what about chapters 52-54?

    Grazie per i capitoli! :3

  3. Someone already seems to have gone and posted those in a few places a few weeks back, but honestly, I'd rather not have these posted on the reading sites until Hoshitori is officially dead, as the quality of my version isn't that good. Example: the reason why the note wasn't there last chapter was because I was too lazy to fill out the template I'd made. I'm currently considering how to proceed with regard to improving notes and translation accuracy. We shall see.

  4. Please, please, keep translating HxB!!

  5. I just found these and I wanted to thank you for continuing. It's getting to a really interesting part. Thank you.

  6. Please translate more, there good. And I really want to read more of this manga